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Spring 2018 ADA National Conference
April 16-19, 2018
Tampa, Florida

“Filling the Gap: Sound Information from Reliable Sources”

ADA case law, best practices, policy examples, case scenarios, and reasonable solutions to trendin and difficult ADA situations. Updated, at no cost, ADA library on conference USB drive.

For over 25 years the National Association of ADA Coordinators has brought ADA coordinators together, providing a forum for the most up-to-date information on ADA issues and enforcement. Through different administrations, Republican and Democratic, from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Donald Trump, NAADAC has been your professional training organization for the ADA.

Now, as it celebrates its 26th anniversary, NAADAC continues its role.

The Administration is still working to fill numerous positions in the Federal government. So far rumors and uncertainty abound about how it will fulfill its ADA responsibilities. Will there be a new approach to ADA enforcement? Will there be new statutes, regulations or changes to existing rules? Amid the uncertainty, you can turn to NAADAC and its faculty of nationally recognized experts for practical, understandable guidance.

So, join us for our Spring 2018 Conference in Tampa, and you’ll find that NAADAC will be your helping hand.

The Spring 2018 ADA National Conference Overview

The Spring 2018 National Conference Scheduled Faculty includes Nationally Known Attorneys and Architects, ADA Coordinators, Section 504 Compliance Officers, and Web Professionals

Faculty for the workshop tracks include:

Access, Services and Design Track
John Wodatch, J.D., P.A.; Irene Bowen, J.D., P.A.; Dean Perkins, R.A., P.A.;
Jim Terry, AIA, P.A.; Jim Bostrom, M.Arch, P.A.; Rebecca Bond, J.D (DOJ invited)

Employment Track
Christopher Kuczynski, J.D., LL.M., P.A. (EEOC); Mary Jo O’Neill, J.D. (EEOC); Allison Nichol, J.D; Brian Nelson, J.D., P.A.; Michael Sullivan, P.A.

Higher Education Track
Melissa Frost, J.D., P.A.; Howard Kallem, J.D.; Jim Long, J.D., P.A.

Other conference sessions will include Law Enforcement, Public Rights of Way, Emergency Preparedness, and other “Hot Topic” Accessibility Issues

Attendees frequently comment about the discussions at NAADAC with faculty with deep experience in the ADA and Section 504!

“NAADAC has provided the most comprehensive and informative sessions in my 25 years of professional development experiences. I will continue to attend . . . as well as refer NAADAC as the best resource for ADA training! +504 + 508 etc.” James W.; major university, Texas

The Fall 2017 conference was for the 14th straight conference rated OUTSTANDING by 97% of the participants on their evaluations.

“It was by far the most informative conference I have ever attended in my 15+ years in higher education. The expert presenters provided excellent case studies and practical info that I can take back to my campus.” Carmen V., major college, Texas

“The caliber of speakers coupled with the smaller breakout sessions make this conference the best option for persons wanting the most up-to-date accessibility information.” D’Andrea E., independent ADA consultant, Oregon

“My expectations are met again. Every conference has provided up-to-date and pertinent information that has proven very useful in my work. The faculty is top notch and so enthusiastic! Great job! Susan M., architect, California