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April 2019 Conference: “Pointing You in the Right Direction”

April 8-11, Tampa, FL

What does a compass do?  In general terms, a compass is an instrument that you use for finding directions.  In scientific terms, it has a dial and a magnetic needle that always points north.  It is reliable, steadfast, true.  For a traveler, a compass is a symbol for guidance; it represents the ability to point you in the right direction.

We live in rough seas and turbulent times.  The Americans with Disabilities Act remains in full force and effect, yet the Federal government has diminished its role as an information provider.  ADA lawsuits are on the rise.  Persons with disabilities, and their families and friends, have come to expect access and inclusion.  You need a compass, a steady source of reliable, practical, understandable information. 

In April in Tampa, Florida, the National Association of ADA Coordinators (NAADAC) is assembling a group of nationally recognized experts to help you navigate your responsibilities.  Whatever your ADA role or interest — whether you are an ADA Coordinator, an ADA professional, a human resources professional. an architect, attorney, a business owner or manager, a corporate official, or just plain interested in how to make disability rights work efficiently, NAADAC can provide you with information and help. 

For the ADA, let NAADAC be your compass, and we will point you in the right direction!