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Since 1992, the National Association of ADA Coordinators (NAADAC) has brought ADA coordinators and ADA professionals together, providing a forum for the most up-to-date information on ADA issues, strategies and solutions, and enforcement.  NAADAC conferences bring faculty with decades of ADA experience from federal and State government, higher education, law offices, and private practice to share their deep knowledge and experience in a small group settings.

NAADACs conferences have been typically held twice each year, assembling a group of nationally recognized experts to help attendees learn about the ADA and navigate their ADA responsibilities.  One feature that sets NAADAC Conferences apart, and that NAADAC’s attendees comment on, is the size of the conference.  With attendance typically capped at 200 attendees, the conference provides opportunities for small group discussions, one-on-one conversations with experienced speakers and attendees, and networking with ADA professionals from across the United States. Whatever the ADA role or interest — whether an ADA Coordinator, an ADA professional, a human resource professional. an architect, attorney, a business owner or manager, a corporate official, or someone just plain interested in how to make disability rights work efficiently, NAADAC has provided the best available information.

NAADAC has Scheduled a Fall 2024 Conference in San Diego!  

Please plan to join us in San Diego from November 13 to 15 as NAADAC brings together speakers from the federal government who have been working on important new regulations on the ADA and section 504, and nationally known experts on the ADA and disability who will provide legal updates, address ADA requirements, and dispense valuable information addressing access, communications, policy, higher education, employment, healthcare, law enforcement and more.

Please watch the Conferences Page to get updates on the November conference in San Diego.

Should you need to reach NAADAC’s executive director with any questions, please email