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Conferences — Planning Underway for Webinars and an In-Person Conference in October 2022!

When the Pandemic started last year, NAADAC suspended conferences.  Now, with more people vaccinated, NAADAC is coming back!  Planning is underway for an in-person conference in late October, 2022 in California, location to be determined.  While we’d like to have an in-person conference sooner, we realize that some are not able to travel right now.  To start to re-connect and to address some of the most challenging issues raised by the Pandemic, NAADAC is planning to offer training virtually until the in-person conference in 2022.

A series of online webinars which will start in October and run through March 2022.  The webinars will be FREE to all who register and will be led by the same senior faculty that participate in in-person NAADAC conferences.

A list of the webinars and a description of the registration process will be available soon on this page.